The Devil WHISPERS Through The MEDIA: Dont Let this Happen to your Kids!

My mother always told me that the devil speaks to us in WHISPERS, telling us lies to try to lead us away from the path to God. That he speaks in whispers means that he is subtle. That which is subtle is always much more difficult to perceive, and much less easy to confront. If the devil, Satan, is real, which he is, then he is thousands of years old and is likely very, very smart. Conspiracies which seem too elaborate and deeply seeded to be the work of man are not.

Now everybody knows this, but the MEDIA IS SATAN’S BATTLEFIELD! I had heard it before of course, about how the media is evil, and television is corrupting youth, etc. but when I finally saw it for myself it was a revelation.

My wife was playing love songs and as I was enjoying the lyrics I noticed something that disturbed me. The love songs would always start off innocently enough, holding hands, looking into each others’ eyes, ya-da ya-da. The guy would say some really sincere sounding things about how she’s the only one for him and he’s never felt this way before. That’s great. But then, as the song built up, it would inevitably lead to a line insinuating sex. Like “hold you all through the night” or something about making love.

So now I’m thinking about what this does psychologically to the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND of the happy listener. When we’re happy or in a good mood, we’re usually much more receptive to new ideas. Our psychological defenses are lowered and so we absorb more into our minds. The early stages of the lyrics are very agreeable and make you feel great. Once we are in this peak mood of feeling great, they bring up sex! It’s no wonder that so much of the youth engage in premarital sex and consider it normal. You never hear anyone singing about how much they love their husbands and wives on the radio!!

Now I hate to say that we should all have to carefully monitor what our children listen to and forbid them from hearing things. But something must be done! I think if we spent as much time teaching children about good morals and God, they will know in their heart what is good and evil. We should still be able to dance and enjoy this music, without the FEAR of them, the record labels and artists recruited by the devil, subtly BRAINWASHING us into promiscuity and underage, premarital, or otherwise inappropriate sex!

Also we need artist to start making music that is MORALLY RIGHTEOUS!



3 thoughts on “The Devil WHISPERS Through The MEDIA: Dont Let this Happen to your Kids!

  1. I think that the best way of defiance is to protect yourself for inside out”not form outside in”. If you have a good foundation and frame of believes to guide you through life you will always be able to get beck to the right pass even if you are surrounded by the wrong things. You, your kids and love one can’t and should not try to fight by shutting yourself out. Devil uses “ignorance” and fear as weapons too. Plus everything has its good and bad value. So,enjoy the good part of the love songs and be proud of realizing and shunning the bad parts. Remember “our fight with the Devil start and end with our life”. Enjoying life IS the best way to defeat the Devil.

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