DeBeers Marketing Campaign is out to HOMOGENIZE CULTURES with Diamonds!

Well ok, I’m not sure that destroying foreign cultures is really their main objective. THEY JUST WANT TO SELL DIAMONDS. That’s their goal. But in their narrow-sightedness they’re going to take away a chunk of diversity. I’m not sure why I feel this is a bad thing. Maybe it’s because it’s interesting to learn from each others’ cultures, and it’s difficult to do that if everyone’s culture is the same.

Anyways, I was watching the “Inside: De Beer ” show on Netflix, where they give you an inside glimpse into the company. And the CEO type guy working there was very strait forward. He talks about how they’re still trying to get the message accepted that engagement rings must be diamonds in countries like China and India. He said that it’s doing well in China, and looking hopeful for India as well. They have a marketing team on it of course and it’s all just business. But on this scale it could have ADVERSE CULTURAL EFFECTS.

Stan Lee once wrote “With great power comes great responsibility!” This is one such case. Companies that are culturally and globally influential need to keep an eye out for these things. Or we need to keep one out for them!



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