Is television PREPARING US for the APOCALYPTIC HORRORS to come??

I try not to watch popular television these days, because when I do it’s sick. All these HBO vampire/paranormal shows and detective/serial killer shows that fall under the general category of DRAMAS. It’s not so much the twisted subject matter, plots whose problems are perpetuated by the selfishness of the characters, but the extremely graphic acts of violence and corpses that are shown. These images are often so detailed they are indistinguishable from the real thing.

If you read my last post then you know how SATAN HAS INFILTRATED THE MEDIA and is using it to effect our subconscious. Here is another subtle aspect of his dastardly deed. On these shows we see beautiful people engaging in horrible things, and yet they end up more or less happily in love, or at least they make it seem like the situation was more or less worth while. This feeds the message to our subconscious that HORRIBLE STUFF HAPPENS but it turns out ok.

Just think of the implications this will have if, lets say, there was an announcement that there was to be nuclear warfare. Half the bozos in America would probably jump for joy yelling about how it’s finally the zombie apocalypse. They are ready for the sickening realities of war because they have already seen them vividly on TV. Think about it. 50 years ago the only time anyone would ever get to see a guy with his head blown off, outside of their imagination, would be in an actual war, and I bet they didn’t react too well to it. COULD IT BE PART OF SATAN’S PLAN to desensitize us to these terrors in advance in order to raise us to be more violent warriors in his upcoming war?? (The war I speak of is that prophesied by the Abrahamic religions)

Again, what can we do? Perhaps if people began to shun such violence and write and speak out against it the television companies could be persuaded to tone it down. I’m all for realistic scenarios, and sometimes that means people die. But just a couple decades ago they used the pan the camera away BEFORE a person got tortured. What happened to that?



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