I was just thinking how I dislike overly skeptical people. For them reality is so normal, and all that exists is what we understand. There have always been people like this in the world, but there have always been new and incredible discoveries as well. This leads me to believe that the THINGS THAT WE FIND INCONCEIVABLE are in fact possible, and will some day be normal.

So I was thinking to myself, “yea, I’m not skeptical.” But then again, I kind of am. I like to regard things with an open mind, not out-ruling the idea that we could be wrong of misunderstanding many things we consider fundamental truths. But I am rather guarded against allowing ideas to become beliefs. I think that I have become skeptical of skepticism. I feel that most of the people who have challenged the boundaries of human existence in fields of SCIENCE (Einstein, Tesla), HUMAN RIGHTS (Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr.), THE ARTS (Da Vinci, whoever built the pyramids) ETC. didn’t have the inclination to think “eh, it’s probably impossible,” so it’s probably not a very empowering attitude.

Also, skeptics don’t tend to be the CLOSEST ONES TO GOD. In the Qur’an it talks about these skeptical people who mock God in their minds, and God doesn’t foretell a good outcome for those people to say the least. I never had a skeptical attitude about God, but as all things I tried to approach it with an open mind. I figured, if God is real, then he should help me discover that if I EARNESTLY PURSUE THE TRUTH. So here’s a couple of reasons that GOD IS REAL:

1) RELIGION IS SO POPULAR. Why has everyone been wondering about God or gods since the beginning of time. We’re clearly hardwired to want to believe in some powerful force that creates everything. Is this just very random, or there for a reason? If it was just fear of death that drove us to wonder these things, why do all major religions emphasis worship or reverence of something greater, something indescribable that is essentially One? This force of belief/religion is global in all people, regardless of culture. Western intellectuals and African shaman worship in different ways, to different names, but they still worship something greater.

2) ALL THOSE PROPHETS COULDN’T HAVE BEEN INSANE! There have a lot of prophets since the dawn of mankind. Starting with Adam and ending with Mohammad. Peace be upon them all. Many of these prophets are known only through legends from prehistory, and none of the story can be verified through objective evidence. The Qu’ran says that God has sent a messenger to every people, though many of them were rejected. It can be assumed that great spiritual leaders such as Siddhartha Buddha, Conscious, Lao Tzu, and many unknown from the African, American, and Australian continents were all authentic prophets of the one God. But again, little can be known about them except that they achieved miraculous amounts of success spreading a message of good. But, there are two extremely important prophets that we can verify to be real: Jesus and Mohammad (Peace be upon them). They manage to achieve ridiculous success in spreading their messages against insane odds. I don’t know how a poor carpenter could have had such an impact on the people around him, to be WILLING TO DIE for his message, if the miracles described in the bible were not true. Even if he did achieve all of this without miracles, I think THAT would be a miracle in itself. And finally, there is much (relatively) undisputed first person accounts of the prophet Mohammad of Islam and his life. One thing that any historian, secular or not, would attest to is the fact that Mohammad was known by all to be exceedingly honest. Then one day he claimed to have had a vision and was commanded to spread the message of monotheism. Either he was TELLING THE TRUTH, or his whole life up till that point (at over 40 years old) was a cunning deception. But even if this were so, why would he suffer through all the hardship he did, and refuse offers of wealth and power to spread a message he knew wasn’t true?! The other possibility is he was completely insane… but completely insane people rarely prosper until the end of their lifetimes. And by all accounts he was in no way insane, but actually an extremely, and often surprisingly, reasonable and cool headed man.

3) GOD OBVIOUSLY WANTS HIS EXISTENCE TO BE AMBIGUOUS. Assuming God is real (considering the points above, it seems very likely) he clearly doesn’t want to make His existence completely obvious for some reason. In one religious story GOD DOES SHOW HIMSELF to a tribe of Jews who want proof that He is real. When they see God they are instantly overcome and die, but are raised again to life. As the story goes, they went back to being non-believers not too long afterwards. There doesn’t seem to be any proof God could show us that would be definitive evidence of his existence. (Except that feeling in our hearts that is FAITH.) So why doesn’t God just make us know He is real, if He can do anything. Well He could…. but that would violate our FREE WILL to choose what to believe. And FREE WILL IS ONE OF THE GIFTS GOD HAS GRANTED MANKIND. Angels, in contrast, do NOT have free will. They must always only obey the will of God. All the religious books seem to say that our main reason for being alive mortally on this earth is to prepare our soul for the afterlife by choosing the paths of GOOD or EVIL. (Hopefully Good!) The ambiguity of God’s existence allows you to choose freely.

4) QUANTUM PHYSICIST ARE OFTEN RELIGIOUS/SPIRITUAL. If you read books like the Tao of Physics, or the Dancing Wu Li Masters, you begin to see how the paradoxical world of quantum physics seems to draw quantum physicists to spiritual conclusions about our world. And many of them swear that there has to be an intelligence holding the fundamental vibrations of the cosmos in harmony. For instance, they have discovered that it is impossible to measure both the speed and direction of a subatomic particle at the same time. If you try to measure the speed, then the direction becomes mysteriously impossible to determine. They seem to come to the conclusion that the particles are reacting to our intentions. If we intend to find the speed, they display speed. If we intend to find direction, it will show us that. It is mysterious but our minds seem to effect reality on a fundamental (sub-atomic) level. What does this mean for the bigger picture? I’ve gotten side-tracked. My point is that THE ESSENCE OF OUR WORLD IS MYSTERY. Some things can never be fully understood or explained. The answer to that mystery is, of course, God. Without Him there are many questions, with him ALL IS CLEAR.

So in an attempt to wrap up neatly… BE SKEPTICAL OF SKEPTICISM. Always keep an open mind, to the point that you are willing to consider the (very real) possibility that some of the things you consider fundamental truths, may in fact NOT be true at all. I was raised believing in God, but in my teen years I had to earnestly question my fundamental beliefs. In the end I and came out with my belief stronger than ever, because I asked the questions I was afraid to ask and found my answers.

If you can LOOK OBJECTIVELY AT YOUR OWN BELIEFS, beyond your biases, you will, if nothing else, grow wiser from the experience.




    1. I agree! Hadiths and commentary cannot always be trusted, but the Quran can. I feel the same way about the Bible in Christianity. Too many Christians rely solely on their pastors and priests, and rarely read the Bible and interpret it for themselves. And thank you for sharing your link, it looks like a great resource. SubhanAllah, I’ve recently been reading the Quran and wishing I could understand it in Arabic. I’ve signed up for the free trial on your site, and am looking forward to your future blog posts! Inshaallah this will be a great thing for me 🙂


  1. Once again my friend… I am enlightened… if you’ve felt no one has ever understood you or given you the chance to be heard for the greater cause then I have something that may enlighten you… I was one of these skeptics you speak of. On your other post I commented how I lack a lot of knowledge on religion and I finally after the majority of my life am now educating myself my own pure will to learn more and to have faith in what I know can’t be explained (maybe just not at this time) because of my skepticism I neglected to be educated amd didn’t seek knowledge.

    I believ e I was meant to meet you.

    To me that is a miracle.


    1. My eyes watered up reading this, my friend. It’s amazing to me that you can see the subtly of God’s work so clearly. I have experienced many of these little miracles, and as little as they are, their significance is indescribable. I have no words to describe the loving kinship I feel towards you, man. If we don’t ever meet on this earth, then I’m sure I’ll be seeing you in heaven. Perhaps you were meant to spread this message too. I am truly so happy for you bro.


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