DANGER people! – When LAZINESS becomes SLOTH!!

So most people would agree that being lazy isn’t good, but it’s not necessarily evil either. OR IS IT? How is laziness different from SLOTH, one of the seven deadly sins?? I believe that once laziness becomes a detriment to the WELL-BEING of yourself or other, then it is sloth. When poor upkeep of yourself or your environment, whether that be exercising, eating right, taking care of your kids or your finances, spending more time with your significant other… WHATEVER IT IS that you’re being lazy about, don’t be so bad about it that it comes back and BITES YOU IN THE ASS. Plain and simple.

It’s hard to be objective of yourself so listen to those who REALLY LOVE YOU. They probably see you more clearly than you do. And next time you’re feeling lazy, just tell yourself NOT TO BE SO DANGED LAZY.

And then don’t be.



5 thoughts on “DANGER people! – When LAZINESS becomes SLOTH!!

  1. I’ve taken amazing steps in the past few months and put my laziness to sleep. I’ve even made money simply blogging here on wordpress! Great post : )

  2. One of the key factors in laziness is the food that we eat and drink. The caffeine causes a crash, the bread makes us tired, and the artificaial sugar causes fatigue.

    Change your nutrtion to change your life. Increase you fitness to speed up your metabolism. Get healthy!

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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