I got the idea for this post from my wife. We were talking about sexism in society and she brought up a study in which teachers were found to be more likely to pick on boys over girls to answer questions at a grade school level. So the obvious reason for that is just that OBVIOUS. They might be things like well they think boys should be smarter, or work harder, or be more active. And then it’s EASY TO GET mad right away. But I implore you too… think a little deeper…

WHAT IF it wasn’t any of those obvious reasons at all (or maybe it is, but stay with me now), what if it’s because boys are more likely to wave their hands around which catches the teachers attention. Or maybe we perceive girls to be more patient and understanding than boys, so they don’t need to be called on as much (still sexist, but in this case it puts females in a positive light instead of males). Maybe it’s because BOYS SMELL! and we subconciously pay attention to smellier people!’

I don’t know!

BUT, what I implore you to do is don’t always jump at the obvious conclusions. Just because they MAKE SENSE, doesn’t mean they’re the TRUTH.



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