CHOOSE your thoughts. Don’t leave them all WILLY-NILLY.

Easier said than done right? Well, yea, but it’s not that tough, if you EARNESTLY want to do it. Here’s a strategy to help you deal with all of those thoughts that bring you down. And it’s REALLY SIMPLE.

Next time you start to feel anything negative, TAKE NOTICE! This is the first and most crucial step. AGAIN, all you have to do is next time you start to feel anything negative is BE AWARE of it as soon as possible. The next step can be anything, but it involves CHOOSING something. You can choose not to believe the thought you have because it very well MAY NOT BE TRUE (Satan’s LIES!). Or it may be true, but you choose to REACT DIFFERENTLY. Even if you choose at that point to succumb to your negative impulse, then at least you did that much: CHOOSE. Maybe one day you’ll choose differently, but if you’re not even AWARE of your feelings (which turn into thoughts), then you stand no chance.

As always, I encourage you to QUESTION EVERYTHING!

God bless.



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