Are you are an INTERNALLY or EXTERNALLY motivated person??

Isn’t it weird how INTERNAL things, like feelings & thoughts, things that have no tangible reality, have so much more powerful a bearing on human beings than EXTERNAL factors?

For instance, imagine a meteor hit the block next door and KILLED a bunch of your best friends! But now imagine that it really didn’t bother you at all… Your house is fine, you go to work, and it would be as if nothing happened. If you COULD do that, then you would have a normal day. Therefore, it’s not the EXTERNAL factors that determine your day, but your INTERNAL ones. External factors can and do definitely influence your internal state, but they are not what DRIVE YOUR LIFE.

Lets take another scenario, this time the opposite. You wake up and everything is fine, but you just feel REALLY GRUMPY for no reason that you can put your finger on. Chances are, you’re going to have a BAD day. There were no external factors at play, but INTERNALLY there was. It doesn’t matter if there’s a good reason for those feelings, a bad one, or no reason at all, it will still EFFECT YOUR REALITY!

The point I’m getting at is… Your INTERNAL state effects your reality much more POWERFULLY than any external factors. Use this understanding to your advantage! When external circumstances threaten to put you in a bad internal place, consider that if you were in a GREAT internal place, you could probably find a way to RISE ABOVE OR CONQUER any challenge.

May the force be with you in all your endeavors!



2 thoughts on “Are you are an INTERNALLY or EXTERNALLY motivated person??

  1. You are your own worst enemy. If nothing moves your mentality then failing will never be an option. Thanks for posting these encouraging words.

  2. Thanks for the comment, and good point. But I would be careful with “failure is not an option” and change it to “ultimate failure is not an option.” Sometimes when people think that it is not OK to fail, it keeps them from trying. The only real failure is when you give up before reaching your ultimate goal, I think. But to make mistakes and “fail” along the way is perfectly normal and to be expected. I totally get what you’re saying though.

    And yes, we definitely are often our own worst enemies when we should really be our best friends.


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