Is what you KNOW true?? DON’T BE SO SURE!

It seems to be a fundamental aspect of the human condition that we like to THINK we know things. It gives us a feeling of comfort and assurance. But if history has proven anything, it is that we always have a LOT more to learn.

It seems that nowadays people think that we are nearing some sort of technological and cultural apex, at which point we’ll have a basic understanding of everything in the universe. I propose to you that this notion is PURE ARROGANCE.

People have always thought that they’ve known a lot, and then discovered in the next few hundred years that they didn’t really. Why should right now be any different? And not just that we’ll have MORE advanced technology, but we’ll understand things that will fundamentally change our conception of the world and reality. Things that will contradict things we KNOW (or rather, thought we knew!).

For instance, we also recently discovered an ancient stone building/monument called Gobekli Tepe dating to 10,000 BC, when all humans were supposed to be primitive cavemen. Our history book understanding claims the first civilizations began with the Indus Valley civilization (closely followed by the Mesopotamian) no older than 7000 BC. This temple, and the relatively advanced civilization that would have been required to create it, predates that by 3000 years. And if this temple survived, there must have been many others that didn’t. I mean, that’s a LONG time ago, and they couldn’t have been the only smart people in the world. This puts a major hole in our idea of how humans have gradually advanced. Apparently we have been SMART and ORGANIZED a lot longer than we had previous KNOWN.

Also in the field of QUANTUM PHYSICS and ASTRONOMY were constantly coming across strange and incomprehensible things.

What I’m basically saying is… Don’t be so sure of what you KNOW. Not just about science and history, but your life and the nature of the world and anything else. Many of these ideas you have WILL BE PROVEN WRONG, although we can’t know for sure which ones.

You’ll find that the smartest people in the world (Einstein and Socrates for example) will always be the first to admit that they know very little, if anything.

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” – Socrates

“A true genius admits that he/she knows nothing” – Albert Einstein

These were pretty smart dudes… They’re probably on to something.



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