JESUS IS LORD, what does that mean?

I’ve been thinking about Jesus (pbuh) a lot lately, and what he meant by a lot of things he said in the Gospels as well as things that have been said about him. “Jesus is Lord” is one of those things. It clearly has a great significance, but what does that really mean. As a Muslim I don’t believe that Jesus is God Himself, yet he clearly held a unique position that none of the other prophets (peace be upon them all) did. To name a few:

• Jesus was sinless.

• Jesus performed many miracles, including his resurrection, which is particularly unique.

• Jesus was tempted by Satan personally for 40 days. (After which it seems like he left him alone for good.)


I’m sure there are other reasons, but my point is he’s different. I’ve been watching these NEAR DEATH out of body experiences where people are brought to see HEAVEN or HELL or both. Most people, even a Muslim guy, mention that Jesus played a prominent role in this experience, but none mention Muhammad or Moses (pbut). (You can check out some of those videos HERE) Hmmm… Why is that?

Well, let’s get back to the question at hand to find out (my humble theory!)

First off, what is a LORD? Throughout European history there have been many lords. They served the king by presiding and taking care of an area of land. The land still belonged to the king technically, but the lord basically acted as the leader/caretaker of that region on the king’s behalf. It’s a VERY prestigious position, just below the king himself.

My theory is… GOD IS KING and JESUS IS LORD. This world and all its people belong to God, but God has appointed Jesus Christ to be the caretaker of this world. He is the king of kings on earth and has power over everyone but God Himself. But Jesus would never do anything that would be against the will of God anyways, because his way is perfectly aligned with God’s will and spirit (the Holy Spirit!). I believe this is why God sent the Holy Spirit to conceive Jesus in Mary, instead of saying the He himself came down and did it. There is a certain distance there, as well as when Jesus prays to God in John 20:17  among other places, where it is clear that Jesus still praises and prays to God, which would be redundant if he WAS God.

When I thought about it more something else popped into my mind that makes a lot of sense! (Although just because something makes sense doesn’t mean it’s the truth, and visa versa) Everything that God created seems to come in opposite pairs: light/dark, male/female, good/evil, left/right, love/hate, etc. Where I’m going with this is that JESUS and SATAN are this sort of OPPOSITES, representing Good and Evil, Truth and Lies, Life and Death, and the struggle that ensues between all these things.

The good news is that Jesus has God strictly on his side, and God holds all the cards. It almost makes me feel bad for Satan… I mean, everyone, including himself knows that him and all his followers are screwed for all eternity! :S

I posted a video that gave me a lot of insight into this matter below. It’s about… well, you’ll see.

God bless.



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