How understanding religion can help you BE A BETTER PERSON :)

This is something I was talking to my wife about the other night. While she is a very loving and wonderful person, my wife has a bit of a TEMPER! Whenever we talk about it she usually defaults to the excuse that THAT’S JUST THE WAY I AM. But is it?

The scriptures of the Abrahamic religions teach us about an evil force that is at play, who has the sole intention of leading us away from God and causing us to suffer in this life and he next. This power behind this force is, of course, Satan. So how can this help you become a better person?

By realizing that IT’S NOT YOU! Those thoughts that lead you to evil are suggestions by the devil and his minions. LITERALLY. It might help to imagine these other-dimentional beings as invisible but hideous, wicked, and FILTHY creatures, buzzing around your head, WHISPERING into your ear and laughing when you commit sin or act in an un-Christ-like manner. And that’s just what’s happening!

It’s really FREAKY and SCARY, huh? GOOD! So stop listening to them! Pray and REBUKE the devils, God has given us the power through Christ to do this, so take advantage of that. The demons have NO POWER to resist the Holy Spirit. Try it and you will find out for yourself.

And next time you’re thinking “THAT’S JUST THE WAY I AM.” STOP! That is the definitely another one of the devils lies. (unless of course you’re talking about being completely Christ-like!)



4 thoughts on “How understanding religion can help you BE A BETTER PERSON :)

      1. Well, I can’t speak for anyone else but myself. I know it would be one of his elaborate lies.

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