Temporal vs. Spiritual Wisdom

Here is something to consider. We each live within 2 realities, a physical one and a spiritual. The physical pertains to all that we can perceive through the physical senses (sight, hearing, touch/nerves, smell, and taste). The spiritual world is that which we cannot perceive through these senses, and is related to intuition, witchcraft, astral projection, etc.

Spiritual wisdom cannot be achieved by physical means, just as physical wisdom cannot be achieved by spiritual means. They are opposing logics (if you can call spiritual wisdom a type of logic) and are as yin and yang to each other.

For instance, it makes no sense to forgive someone who has murdered your child if he makes no show of repentance. Temporal (physical) logic tells us that a murderer deserves to be despised, and this is TRUE. Yet, spiritual wisdom advises to forgive unconditionally, for it is the righteous way. This directly opposes temporal wisdom, yet it is equally (if not more) TRUE.

This is the paradox of temporal vs. spiritual wisdom.

If you are searching for spiritual wisdom, a good place to start is to STOP THINKING with your brain. The brain is a physical organ and so is sympathetic to physical/temporal wisdom. Therefor it is impossible for the BRAIN to understand spiritual truths. They must be felt a deeper, more subtle, level.

Think from your spirit or heart (not the organ heart, but the spiritual heart) and you shall see what I mean. It won’t TELL you anything (as the brain does) but you will FEEL its inclination and intention.



9 thoughts on “Temporal vs. Spiritual Wisdom

    1. Right on. Your intention is the most important piece of the puzzle. Just remember not to overthink and rationalize spiritual wisdom too much, or else you’ll make it into something temporal…

      Gos bless 🙂


    2. I came across this and it made me think of you for some reason so…

      “Let none fear for the truth, that doubt may consume it; for doubt is a testing of belief.

      For truth, if it be truth, arises from each testing stronger, more secure. Those who would silence doubt are filled with fear; the house of their spirit is built on shifting sands.

      But they that fear not doubt, and know its use, are founded on a rock.”

  1. Heh. I posted that to my own blog just this evening, which I’m pretty sure is where you found it. 😀

    For me the hardest thing has been trusting my feelings. If you back-read my blog you’ll see that I was trained out of that by an abusive parent, so for a long time the intellect was the ONLY thing I trusted.

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