Month: April 2014

Will you get BORED in HEAVEN?

Eternity is a LOOONG time. I’ve found myself wondering lately what we will do with all that (non) time. I mean, it sounds like even an eternity in heaven might drive you crazy!! But, as usual, God has answered my question (Praise God!) in this video:

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If someone is going to be prejudiced against you, WHO CARES what the reason is?

If someone doesn’t like my smile, is that any better than not liking the color of my skin!?

Who cares about ignorant and shallow people?

Even accepting the existence of the concept of racism actually JUSTIFIES and REINFORCES racism.

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Maybe life’s so long and complicated so that we have some stuff to talk about in eternity…



Mike Tyson Quote About God

“Men Judge Men’s Actions, God judges your heart”

~Mike Tyson


What ELEMENTAL STAGE is your life in and what you can do to MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL

Everyone’s life goes through stages, and throughout life you WILL change. Physical change is the most obvious to perceive, as we change in size, strength, and physical ability. Also fairly obvious are the mental changes that occur, as your mind and thought and even personality change and develop. What is NOT SO OBVIOUS however, is that change in SPIRIT that coincides with these other two changes.

Just as a baby has a baby’s BODY and a baby’s MIND, it also has a baby’s SPIRIT.

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Why I Blog!

I never really thought about why I created this blog, but I did always feel like it had some real significance.

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Having trouble RELAXING?

Try this super simple but EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE trick…

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5 ELEMENT ALCHEMY: Lesson 3: Water

Water | Beginning

“It provides for all things, and goes against none of them”

Each element has both a Yang (active) and Yin (passive) side of it. It important to make these distinctions. While water nourishes you, you can also drown in it…

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FIVE ELEMENT ALCHEMY: Lesson 2: Examples

To read the first lesson and learn what the 5 Elements ACTUALLY ARE and their QUALITIES click here.

Now I’m going to expand on what we talked about in the first lesson. But to recap briefly, the 5 elements describe the process of CHANGE, that ALL THINGS go through constantly. Each element transforms into another one in an endless cycle. Each element is associated with a certain quality. Here are some examples:

1. Life of a Tree

2. Learning to Draw

3. Falling on your Face (literally)

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The Path of the Warrior…

… is Peace.