A Trippy Thought…

Here is something that is TRUE, but very strange if you consider its reality…

All that we know of the (physical) world is what we can interpret through out 5 senses… (Sight, Hearing, Smell, Touch, Taste)

(Physically) There is no way we can have ANY information about what’s going on outside of our bodies except by those 5 methods.

What is also important to consider is that these senses are based on things like how a molecule is vibrating (sight and hearing) and what shape a molecule is (smell and taste) or how the molecules fit together (touch).  These are very STRANGE and FOREIGN concepts, yea? But the taste, color, and texture of a banana isn’t. is it? Yet they are the SAME thing…

When I first realized this I thought… THERE COULD BE ANYTHING OUT THERE outside of myself. Maybe it’s just a gray, non-colored mass, or perhaps everything is more like pure glowing energy. How can we be sure there is anything at all??

All that we can be sure of is that we THINK there is…



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