Don’t Go See “Noah”!!

Ok, I’m just going to be quick about this because I’m tired.

You shouldn’t watch Noah because it’s basically EVIL. Look it up, the director stated that it’s “the least biblical film ever made.” I can see why he’d do this for the sake of artistic IRONY and PUBLICITY. And it worked awesomely, everyone’s talking about it. Even me, and I never blog about movies. However I do blog about SATAN!

And this is CLEARLY been done under his influence. They portray the exact opposite message than the bible does and the DECEIVE us by using the same names and a similar plot and events. DECEIT and LIES are the INVENTION OF SATAN. Therefore anything not based in TRUTH must be associated with the devil.

LONG has satan used OUR OWN RELIGIONS to deceive, confuse, and lead us astray.


Just download it or something.

Peace Out,



3 thoughts on “Don’t Go See “Noah”!!

    1. Thanks Leslie! I very much enjoy your blog, especially how you always reference scripture as it relates to what you’re talking about.

      Satan’s a tricky problem because you must become aware of him, before you can ignore him properly… which seems counter-intuitive, as often spiritual wisdom is… Which reminds me…

      Have you read my post “Temporal vs Spiritual Wisdom”? That idea was inspired in me while reading First Corinthians, when Paul is talking about “fleshy” or “earthly” wisdom, and how the Corinthians have that, yet they are still “babes in Christ” in that they know little of spiritual wisdom. I’d love if you could share other places in scripture where that (or similar) subject is discussed!


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