100 Followers! Wow! – Introducing 100 Mental Technologies!

So I told myself I’d do something special when and if I reached 100 followers! It seems like monumental number somehow. My love and gratitude goes out to all of you who have taken an interest in my thought, opinions, and ideas. It is absolutely INCREDIBLE to me that I can communicate and interact with you all on such a meaningful level without even meeting face to face. đŸ™‚

So what’s this special thing I’m doing to celebrate the 100 FOLLOWERS mark. I’ve always wanted to write a book, so I thought I’d start with a booklet. I also wanted to share things with people that I know can make a MEANINGFUL and profound difference in their lives. I’ve begun writing a book describing “100 MENTAL TECHNOLOGIES” that you can use to explore your own mind and the realm of the unseen. So….

(Don’t forget to add “mental technology” to your reader to keep up to date on this project!)

What is a Mental Technology?

Think of your mind as a computer. Computer has both hardware and software. Hardware is the chips themselves and processors. This is equivalent to the physical brain that you have in your skull. Software gets stored in the hardware, and is basically just information, although it allows the computer to function… without it the computer would just have potential but no real use. The same is true of the brain. It is capable of much, but it’s the thoughts and mental “software” that really give it its value.

These mental technologies are like software. There are all sorts of mental technologies that do many different things. It is difficult to categorize them together except by the common factor that they are based on your internal realities, rather than external ones. As you can learn to run or hit a baseball, you can also learn to go on mental vacation or into a deep meditative state, and it’s not really that hard. I’m going to teach you how to develop a strong foundation from which to explore the unseen world behind your eyes!

Here’s a preview of some (in progress) section titles from the outline:

8. Simulation Room

15. Swallowing the Golden Elixer

27. Wild Sound Exercise

41. No Mind Journey

44. Half-Dream State


Many Blessings!

~Jones (or is it?)



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