You Can Make Your Own Store on Amazon!

Just discovered this and it’s super easy/pretty cool. I’ve begun putting all of my favorite books there and using it as sort of an online library. If you’re following this blog, you probably find the things I talk about interesting. Well I received all that knowledge from these great books! I call it:



Apparently all we need is good books, because true knowledge is true power.

So why make your own store? Well, aside from seeing all your favorite stuff in one place, if anybody buys something through a link in your store you’ll get a cut and it won’t cost that person a cent extra! Basically amazon is giving you money for showing people stuff you like (on their site that is! But I think amazon’s a good site and not some super evil corporation..).

Anyways, check it out and you’ll see some interesting books on topics you’ve never thought of reading about. Be prepared for the rise of THE NEW NEW WORLD ORDER 🙂



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