The 2 Kinds of Magic

There are only 2 types of real “magic” in the world. Here is what they are:

Neutral: There are certain laws at work in the universe that are effected by our mind and our thoughts. The Law of Attraction manifests in our lives what we think of most often or passionately. Unfortunately a lot of people complain and so they manifest more of those negative things they’re always complaining about. It’s not that your life is cursed in this case, it’s that you are using this “neutral” magic inadvertently and against your own interests. Sometimes ignorance can be bliss, but sometimes it can also be dangerous.

There are other kinds of magic associated with the neutral category… Meditative, mental technology, remote viewing, ESP, energy/psychic healing, and astral projection type stuff. These utilize the POWER OF YOUR MIND.

Black: This type of magic SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS. This type of magic deals with Jinn, also known as demons, spirits, and can come in and imitate a variety of forms. They are LITERALLY another race of sentient beings. They can see us, but we can’t see them (unless they choose to appear to us somehow). They are made of “smokeless flame” as it is described in the Quran, so they have a more energetic, non-physical form. We, on the other hand, are made of clay and so are much more physical.

WARNING: Much magic that seems harmless enough could put you in DANGER of contact with the jinn. If they see you messing around with the stuff then they can manipulate you, giving you what you want and influencing you to do evil eventually. Magic books often like to pretend that the human is in control, and that they are commanding the demon with their own power. THIS IS NONSENSE! As much as it it nonsense that you can control another human in such a way. No. You have to make deals and bribe them like you would another person. THEY WORK FOR SATAN. And so are masterful liars and will act sweet and even act like they DON’T EXIST to carefully lure you into their clutches. They are HUNTING FOR SOULS to drag down with them into hell and humiliation, for their own entertainment.

In conclusion, neutral “magic” is chill, but any magic that calls upon any sort of sentient force or does harm to others SHOULD BE AVOIDED for your own good. (By the way, there are good jinn too, just like humans, but they are forbidden to contact humans… more on that in another post).



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