5 ELEMENT ALCHEMY: Lesson 1: An Introduction

The five elements are WATER, WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, and METAL.

They represent characteristics that describe the process of change, to which all things are subject.

WATER is the spirit of beginnings and non-preference; it does not resist, it absorbs and envelops.

WOOD is the spirit of growth and expansion; it reaches for sky with vigor.

FIRE is the spirit of energy and industry; it works fiercely to achieve it’s goals.

EARTH is the spirit of stability and  groundedness; a safe and solid foundation.

METAL is the spirit or perfection and invention; it seeks to improve and develop something new.

You might have heard of the four elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air). They describe instead the four PRIMAL FORCES OF NATURE. I plan to explore both of these systems and how they relate to each other in this series. My hope is that it will help people MAKE BETTER SENSE OF THIS CRAZY WORLD, by helping them to recognize the patterns by which it works. The world is never STATIC, it is always CHANGING. Changes are difficult to describe because they’re always CHANGING! But, if you understand the CYCLE of changes, then you can identify where something is on the cycle, and so predict what will happen next. IT’S ALMOST LIKE READING THE FUTURE! Almost, haha. But it will give you a great way to make some pretty reliable predictions and have more control over the pace of the changes. You will also learn TO BEND THESE ELEMENTS to your bidding by EMBODYING their characteristics in a manner intended to produce specific RESULTS.

Ok, I don’t want to bore you with too much explanation!

Let’s look at an example and I think you’ll start to see what I mean.

We’ll start with a basic one: LIFE

WATER (spirit of beginnings and non-preference) – In the first stage of life the unborn fetus is completely receptive and non-preferential. If absorbs everything the mother gives it, whether good or bad. The first few years of life even, it id like this. The baby will learn whatever it is exposed to, and wont yet judge it as good or bed, right or wrong, etc. As the child starts to get older his WOOD spirit will begin to feed off all the innocent WATER spirit and begin to grow (much like a tree).

WOOD (spirit of growth and expansion) – At one point the child will start to GROW, both physically and mentally. He is expanding his or her horizons and testing boundaries to see how far he can get. This Wood stage will usually last through puberty. In the early stages of adulthood, or late teen years, the spirit of FIRE starts to kick in (burning up all that WOOD spirit that’s been created).

FIRE (is the spirit of energy and industry) – This is the ambitious burst of energy characterized by career driven young adults. The WOOD spirit has been piled up, and all that you learned in that growth (WOOD) stage can now be used to FUEL THE FIRE OF INDUSTRY! This will be the stage where you put all your skills and talent to good use with ENTHUSIASM! Not just in your career, but in the field of ROMANCE as well. Eventually this fire will burn out though and leave a pile of ash (aka EARTH)…

EARTH (the spirit of stability and  groundedness) – This is the stage of stability. This means financial, emotional, and personal. You’ve reached a sort of plateau in which you have aquired what you set out for and you’re not really growing quickly, but things are safe and predictable. In your ROMANCE life this means a marriage or a committed relationship.

METAL (the spirit or perfection and invention) – Now you want to create something NEW! In a relationship this usually means having a BABY.In your career it can mean expanding your business, applying for that next position, learning a new skill-set, etc. You’re using all that EARTH as a solid foundation to build your EIFFEL TOWER or GREAT PYRAMID!

As you can see, most clearly with the BABY example, now you’re back to WATER the beginning of the cycle.

You would be AMAZED at how this cycle can be applied to ANYTHING and work like magic! It SHOCKED ME when I found out about this. I’ll post more examples and expand on the CREATION and DESTRUCTION cycles in the posts to come!


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