5 ELEMENT ALCHEMY: Lesson 3: Water

Water | Beginning

“It provides for all things, and goes against none of them”

Each element has both a Yang (active) and Yin (passive) side of it. It important to make these distinctions. While water nourishes you, you can also drown in it…

Yang (active): ABSORPTION (or ASSIMILATION)  – Think of WATER in its yang form as enveloping everything! It gets into every crack, and you cant hold back water very easily when it comes in great amounts. This is the spirit of ASSIMILATION or ABSORPTION. Since WATER is the Element of Beginnings let us look at the beginning of a persons life. A YANG baby will ACTIVELY absorb all the information around him/her, ASSIMILATING IT into their own selves.

Yin (passive): NON-PREFERENCE – The PASSIVE aspect of WATER has no preference, because it is like an OBSERVER. Think of it as a placid lake, which will not resist any force upon it, but does not exert a force itself. It has no preference, unlike the river that flows in a particular direction. When a baby is YIN WATER it will simply take what is offered to it and ignore the rest. It doesn’t have an ACTIVE attitude about absorbing information.


So we’ve learned that WATER represents the BEGINNING STAGE, and it has both a Yang (active) and Yin (passive) side or spirit to it. It can then be said to be representing the Spirit of ABSORPTION and NON-PREFERENCE.


To see the rest of the lessons click the 5 ELEMENTS ALCHEMY LESSON SERIES tab above.

God bless!



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