Why I Blog!

I never really thought about why I created this blog, but I did always feel like it had some real significance.

The New New World Order…. it subtly makes a mockery of the so-called “New World Order” but also has an air of optimism for a new way of being.

May God guide us all.

Already has it created a small community…. TuanNgo, kbeezy, Gede Prama, nowstuffnow, geniunepoetry, and others. I am surprised at how personally touched I’ve been.

I find that some people understand what I’m trying to say, but more might hear me if I spoke it more clearly.

I want to speak out against Satan, our OPEN ENEMY. Expose the difference between witchcraft and the GOD-GIVEN POWERS OF OUR MINDS. Help us live a better life. Dispel misunderstanding and fear.

There are many subtle unseen forces at play in the world, but they are NO LESS REAL than you or I.

Yet, demons have no true power over us. Darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. Their power lies in darkness. In deception. When their lies are exposed, they are seen as the miserable and powerless creatures they are. They can ONLY GO WHERE THEY ARE WELCOMED. We blame ourselves for our evils, but they are all the result of weakness and ignorance.

This TRUTH MUST BE EXPOSED! People must stop blaming themselves and understand that they were manipulated by highly intelligent and organized demonic forces. But once these enemies are exposed, they become an OBVIOUS ADVERSARY, and so can be dealt with. Unlike when you think that these thoughts and evil urges/temptations come from YOU, and so you blame and hate yourself.


Hate the devils (aka evil jinn/djinn) those wretched SERVENTS OF SATAN! And be warned, that there are devils indeed among humans as well! Those who have been turned, never to return except by the great mercy of GOD! (We should pray for those lost in evil, sin, and unbelief, NEVER WISH THAT ANYBODY GO TO HELL, NOT EVEN THE MOST EVIL OF VILLAINS! EVEN HITLER! You don’t know what you’re talking about. You could not wish the ETERNAL indescribable horrors and agonies of hell on any human.

But it must be remembered that this is all allowed by God, and that we can account for NOBODY’s actions except OUR OWN.

So we MUST account for them wisely.

The name of GOD should be proclaimed proudly, though I must say I feel oppressed to speak it in this day and age! So I shall end my every post henceforth…

God bless.



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