What ELEMENTAL STAGE is your life in and what you can do to MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL

Everyone’s life goes through stages, and throughout life you WILL change. Physical change is the most obvious to perceive, as we change in size, strength, and physical ability. Also fairly obvious are the mental changes that occur, as your mind and thought and even personality change and develop. What is NOT SO OBVIOUS however, is that change in SPIRIT that coincides with these other two changes.

Just as a baby has a baby’s BODY and a baby’s MIND, it also has a baby’s SPIRIT.

THE 5 ELEMENTS are a system that can help you understand that cycle, and WHERE YOU ARE within it. By knowing what stage in life your SPIRIT is in, you can foster it’s growth. This is much like if you know that your muscles are developing more rapidly in your teen years, you can work out and MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL. If you work out earlier or later in life it still works, but it DOESN’T have as great in IMPACT.

Baby Stage — WATER

At this SPIRITUAL STAGE you are absorbing all the information around you indiscriminately, and you haven’t really developed opinions or much of an ego yet. If you have a kid at this age KNOW that he is ABSORBING EVERYTHING, so be a conscientious parent and give him LOTS of GOOD things to absorb. In this stage the BABY has not developed the OPINION that they can only absorb a limited amount of information, so THE MORE YOU NURTURE THEM THE BETTER. And make sure they get plenty of sleep. That’s when their little minds and bodies develop the most.

Toddler-Teen-Young Adulthood (and possibly later) — WOOD

This is the stage of GROWTH. But unlike the earlier stage where you absorb indiscriminately, now you growing in a CERTAIN DIRECTION. If you’re in this SPIRITUAL STAGE you should focus on learning and growing as much as possible. DON’T focus too much on the end result, or trying to get work, but rather WORK ON DEVELOPING YOURSELF, because your mind, body, and spirit are all strongly inclined to that. This means we can LEARN AND GROW FASTER than in any other stage. This stage can last into young adulthood. I’m 24 and I’m still in this stage. In this day and age these stages are getting longer, proportionately as our lifespan increases

Early-Middle Adulthood — FIRE

This is the SPIRITUAL STAGE about being INDUSTRIOUS. This means WORKING HARD. Whatever your work or purpose in life, once you’re grown into that person you are ready to DO THE TYPE OF WORK THAT YOU’VE BEEN MADE FOR. This is the career stage of a person’s life. Wether that career is in an office, at home with the children or a hobby, or living on the streets homeless. WHATEVER IT IS you’re doing you do it with great VIGOR AND ENTHUSIASM. If you are in this stage but DON’T feel this vigor and enthusiasm, then you probably didn’t GROW ENOUGH in the last stage, and so your SPIRIT FIRE doesn’t have much SPIRIT WOOD to use as fuel. Try GROWING and LEARNING/IMPROVING in an area of life related to your “career.”

Middle-Late AdulthoodEARTH

Once you’ve built your career, things LEVEL out and become more steady. At this stage, STABILITY is paramount. Focus our attention on securing what you’ve worked hard to build. Pay back any debts and save money for added safety. Double check your relationships and keep investing and solidifying them. RELAX, but DON’T GET LAZY.

Late Adulthood (But if you go through the stages more quickly then this could be as early as Late Teen/Young Adult) — METAL

If you are on this SPIRITUAL STAGE hopefully you have something in reserve that you have saved or developed. The spirit of METAL really drives you to create something NEW. This might mean doing something different (career shift) or EXPAND upon what you’ve done, moving into a new area or creating a new product. In this stage FOCUS YOUR ENERGY on this new BABY (it could be an actual baby!) of yours and make sure it is the GREATEST THAT IT CAN BE.
Now I should point out that THE AGES are not as accurate as the DESCRIPTIONS. Some people go through life REALLY FAST and others VERY SLOW. This chart is definitely on the slow side, at least in this fast paced world.

Find out where you are in these stages and FOCUS YOUR ENERGY on doing what you’re most SPIRITUALLY INCLINED TO DO. Be patient with the coming of the next stage and when it does come, you will ahve the SPIRITUAL RESOURCES to be the BEST that you can be!


God Bless







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