Satans 2 biggest LIES

By my reckoning, satan’s two biggest/most successful lies are:

1) That he does not exist.

(This is one that most people have heard before…)

2) That religions are the cause, not the solution, to the world’s problems.

Radical acts and violence carried out in the name of religions and God are not God’s will for people and this is clear to anyone with half a conscience. If God wants to kill people it is easy for him to do so, so what makes people think they have the authority to judge their brothers and sisters?

How can we help people who believe these dangerous lies to see the error in these beliefs…?



3 thoughts on “Satans 2 biggest LIES

  1. It is much easier to believe in lies when disconnected from truth.
    However, I am sure that people who don’t believe in God—don’t believe in Satan either (wouldn’t make sense to believe in one and not the other).
    Difficult to find a path in life if ones’ belief is disbelief.

    1. So true Mary. And I’ve heard once that it takes just as much faith NOT to believe in God as it does to believe… I would go so far as to say it takes MORE faith to disbelieve — if you have earnestly been seeking the truth, that is. Sadly, many people make their minds up about religion and holy scriptures without ever having sat down to read even a few pages for themselves. God bless you Mary and thanks for the insightful comment 🙂

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