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Why We Should Ignore Terrorists and Murderers

So I vaguely heard something about another shooting recently and kindly asked not to hear any more


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a lot of these people who go HAYWIRE and shoot up buildings full of people or commit terrorist acts do so for ONE PRIMARY REASON…



Consider those loooong manifestos they leave, or the nature of the crime, which is usually targeted against one specific group (a race, religion, age group, etc.) containing a statement in and of itself.

Don’t you think that most of these murderers weighed their options and decided it would be worth the risk to commit these horrible acts of violence? I bet you that a large part of that motivation was the infamy and public attention they knew they’d receive from the media and in private conversations.

Let’s also glimpse at the other side of the argument: What are the positive aspects of spreading this story?

  1. Remembrance of the deceased — but people die everyday and we don’t feel the need to know all their names and remember them if we didn’t know them personally…
  2. Awareness — though I think we’re all aware that these kinds of bad things happen by now…

It is my opinion/belief that if the cultural norm was for the media to downplay or totally ignore airing such horrible tragedies then we’d have much fewer of them.

What do you think?

God bless,




The Tao Te Ching and God: Does Tao = God?

Now I’m not technically (whatever that means) a Taoist, and Taoism has gone through many changes (PERVERSIONS, if you ask me) since the earliest conception of the philosophy/religion which existed even before Lao Tzu, but if you read a good translation of the Tao Te Ching (which is Taoism’s core text–I suggest the translation by Johnathan Starr to begin with) it sure does seem that TAO = GOD.

There are lots of verses that point to this idea, but I’d like to simply share one that is especially PROFOUND.

These are the first 4 lines of the first verse of the Tao Te Ching:

“The Tao that is the Tao, is not the true/everlasting Tao.

The Name that is the Name, is not the true/everlasting Name”

Pretty cryptic huh? GET USED TO IT! The Tao Te Ching and Taoism is HIGHLY cryptic, which is a big part of its BEAUTY and INTRIGUE. Let’s try replacing the word TAO with the word GOD:

“The God that is the God, is not the true/everlasting God.

The Name that is the Name, is not the true/everlasting Name”

What this means to me is that the God that you (as in ANYBODY) think of as God, is not the TRUE form/understanding of God. God transcends ALL understanding of anyone or anything that is not God itself. NOBODY CAN UNDERSTAND GOD, or even begin to understand God, because that is how profound and incredible God is. That is what the Tao Te Ching is saying here.

By the same reasoning, whatever name or label you ascribe to God (“God” included haha) is not the TRUE name of God, which (if there is one) cannot be spoken by mere mortal mouths or confined to a set of letters.

A little food for thought. Do you guys think that Tao = God?


Are we like gods? And what are reptilians/archons/flyers?

I wrote this in to reply to this video: which I DON’T endorse, by the way. It has snippets of truth, but a bit too much ARROGANCE for my liking… REMEMBER PEOPLE: DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ OR SEE ONLINE!!! (Even ME, think for yourselves and seek the TRUTH!!!)
Can a human create the universe in all its detail and perfection? No… So we are not God. You could say we’re god-like as we were created in God’s image. But even that falls retardedly short of the mark of God, who created all these reptilians/archons/flyers/whatever (the spiritual realm) and the physical. The mystery is… why did he do it??? We can imagine why a human would do it, so we want to ascribe the power to humans. it is in our nature to make sense of things. But this is TEMPORAL wisdom. We must use a more elusive SPIRITUAL wisdom (which often sounds dumb to our temporal minds) to see the real TRUTH. Check out 1st Corinthians, it’s all about that. Also here’s an article abiut Temporal vs. Spiritual wisdom:

Oh, and by the way these reptinians-archon-shatevers are jinn (jin, djinn). They are talked about A LOT in the Koran. It talks a lot about how they whisper in your ears and how they have lives and opinions/personalities like humans. Check it out…

By the way, all (real) Muslims understand the reality of Jinn. It is not an obscure part of the Koran, but a FUNDAMENTAL part of Islam. We must be awae of the spiritual powers that want to do us harm in order that we may beter defend ourselves against them