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What is the spirit that is inspiring this action?

Next time you’re feeling unsure, sad/depressed, hopeless, ANYTHING NEGATIVE try asking yourself:

What is the spirit that is inspiring this action?

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Did YOU choose your BELIEFS – and if not WHO DID?? ASK YOURSELF this question NOW!!

Here’s a common situation that has been occurring throughout human history:

IMAGINE you are sitting at home in your little village, where you’ve lived ALL YOUR LIFE. You barely have news of the outside world, nor do you really care too. Honestly, you probably just don’t give it much thought. THERE’S ENOUGH TO THINK ABOUT ALREADY… you figure. Now all of a sudden, one day, a large army walks right into your peaceful village and demands that you ABANDON your beliefs and adopt theirs.

I think that most people would feel rather INDIGNANT at the idea. Something like a red sign in their heads flashing the words “OH HELL NO!” I mean, who wants to be forced to change their beliefs?

But wait a second… Have we even addressed what either of those beliefs are?? What if I were to say that you lived in a tribe of incestual cannibals, and the conquerors were telling you NOT to eat people and NOT to sleep with your immediate family… would you be less resistant to them then?? Just because you have strong beliefs, doesn’t make those beliefs righteous or correct. In most cases, YOU DID NOT EVEN CHOOSE YOUR OWN BELIEFS. It was the society and environment that you grew up in.

A big part of MATURING, I think, is questioning those beliefs, in order to DECIDE FOR YOURSELF IF THEY ARE VALID. This includes beliefs about anything: yourself, your family and friends, your future, your past, your religion, the world, etc. If you don’t question your beliefs then you’re just taking a shot in the dark. I think it’s especially important to DEEPLY QUESTION your religion. REAL FAITH cannot be cultivated in a heart that afraid to question its beliefs. If you’re afraid to question your beliefs, then you clearly have some doubts about them being true. THAT’S FINE. But you must question them, and REALLY question them, (and ask God for guidance, I would suggest) in order to SINCERELY consider them as TRUTHS.

Did YOU choose your beliefs? Or did the MEDIA and SOCIETAL PRESSURES choose them for you? It’s unpopular (almost looked down upon) to be deeply religious in much of the USA today it seems. In television shows, any religious person is always portrayed as FANATICAL or wierd somehow. I get the feeling that many people (including myself) feel that they would be seen as such if they expressed their faith openly by in any way, such as by bringing God into a conversation (even casually). And HOW ABOUT PRE-MARITAL SEX? How NORMAL has it become in the minds of westerners. It’s pretty much considered CRAZY to even think about marrying anyone WITHOUT sleeping together first!

DID YOU CHOOSE THESE BELIEFS? And, more importantly, do you have the power to un-choose them if you’d like to? If you can IDENTIFY these beliefs (many of them are subtly ingrained in our subconscious and so it can be difficult to even realize that we have these beliefs) the you stand a chance to CHOOSE WHO YOU WANT TO BE FOR YOURSELF.

So don’t get too upset and defensive when someone challenges your beliefs, telling you that you’re wrong. TAKE A GOOD, LONG LOOK AT YOUR BELIEF and find out if it’s really valid. The other person may in fact be right. And if they’re wrong, then no harm has been done by considering the issue more deeply. Often you’ll find that nobody is right or wrong, THEY’RE JUST DIFFERENT VIEWPOINTS.

Regardless, don’t be mad about it. Appreciate people who make you feel uncomfortable. They are the ones that you can learn the most about yourself from.



In this crazy world we live in, it’s often hard to know where you stand. The road of life is never steady, and we can rarely see very far down it. This has never been more true than today. With the job market uncertain and cultures rapidly shifting there is very little that anyone can hope to rely on. I mean, college degrees no longer offer any guarantee of a job! And, while people don’t blame themselves, seeing as how everyone is having these difficulties, it can still put a dent in your self-esteem. But I have the remedy for all these potential woes! Just remember:

WHO YOU ARE is (vastly) more important than WHAT YOU HAVE.

To clarify, WHAT YOU HAVE means what you have accomplished, achieved, earned, etc. as well as what you own. It means money, of course, but you can also have (or not have) the respect of others, a healthy physical body, love, a purpose to your life etc. But WHAT YOU HAVE DOESN’T MATTER, because all of those things can be lost. And when/if they are lost it will leave you wondering what you’re worth, if that is the means by which you define yourself.

In contrast WHO YOU ARE is something that can never be taken from you without your cooperation, regardless of circumstances. If you are a loving person, you will be loving if you are poor or rich, healthy or sick. If you are a righteous person, you will always do the right thing. If you are a courageous person, you will be brave, regardless of whether you’re facing an enemy army or terminal illness. The circumstances don’t matter IT’S HOW YOU RESPOND TO CIRCUMSTANCES that shows your true quality.

What you have can be taken from you in a blink of an eye, and if you don’t know who you are (or if you think that you are the things you have) you will find yourself in despair. I have heard many stories of financially wealthy people who build their fortune, only to loose it all in unfortunate circumstance. Often they just get back on their feet and EARN THEIR FORTUNE BACK AGAIN. It’s because successful is something that they are, not something that they have. I bet if you threw Richard Branson out on the streets PENNILESS AND NAKED he would be a billionaire again in just a few years! It’s because that is who he is at the core of his being. And like I said, WHO YOU ARE is something that cannot be easily lost.

So discover, or better yet CHOOSE, who you are. Pick a one (or a couple if you’re ambitious) virtuous qualities by which to live your life, (Are you: LOVING? DISCIPLINED? MOTIVATED? RESOURCEFUL? COURAGEOUS? CREATIVE? SPONTANEOUS? COMPASSIONATE? CONSIDERATE? UNSTOPPABLE?!) and start living your life by that quality NOW!

For me I chose DISCIPLINED recently. Now, whenever I am considering being lazy and ignoring something I should do, I remember WHO I AM. I am ONE WHO VALUES AND EMBODIES DISCIPLINE, regardless of the circumstances (including how I’m feeling that day). Discipline has always been a quality that I’ve wanted to associate with, but each person is unique in what they bring to this world and to the lives of those around them. I wonder…

What virtue will you choose to embody?