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Are we like gods? And what are reptilians/archons/flyers?

I wrote this in to reply to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AYsJP1H4m0 which I DON’T endorse, by the way. It has snippets of truth, but a bit too much ARROGANCE for my liking… REMEMBER PEOPLE: DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ OR SEE ONLINE!!! (Even ME, think for yourselves and seek the TRUTH!!!)
Can a human create the universe in all its detail and perfection? No… So we are not God. You could say we’re god-like as we were created in God’s image. But even that falls retardedly short of the mark of God, who created all these reptilians/archons/flyers/whatever (the spiritual realm) and the physical. The mystery is… why did he do it??? We can imagine why a human would do it, so we want to ascribe the power to humans. it is in our nature to make sense of things. But this is TEMPORAL wisdom. We must use a more elusive SPIRITUAL wisdom (which often sounds dumb to our temporal minds) to see the real TRUTH. Check out 1st Corinthians, it’s all about that. Also here’s an article abiut Temporal vs. Spiritual wisdom:


Oh, and by the way these reptinians-archon-shatevers are jinn (jin, djinn). They are talked about A LOT in the Koran. It talks a lot about how they whisper in your ears and how they have lives and opinions/personalities like humans. Check it out… http://www.islamawareness.net/Jinn/hyjinn.html

By the way, all (real) Muslims understand the reality of Jinn. It is not an obscure part of the Koran, but a FUNDAMENTAL part of Islam. We must be awae of the spiritual powers that want to do us harm in order that we may beter defend ourselves against them


5 ELEMENT ALCHEMY: Lesson 3: Water

Water | Beginning

“It provides for all things, and goes against none of them”

Each element has both a Yang (active) and Yin (passive) side of it. It important to make these distinctions. While water nourishes you, you can also drown in it…

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FIVE ELEMENT ALCHEMY: Lesson 2: Examples

To read the first lesson and learn what the 5 Elements ACTUALLY ARE and their QUALITIES click here.

Now I’m going to expand on what we talked about in the first lesson. But to recap briefly, the 5 elements describe the process of CHANGE, that ALL THINGS go through constantly. Each element transforms into another one in an endless cycle. Each element is associated with a certain quality. Here are some examples:

1. Life of a Tree

2. Learning to Draw

3. Falling on your Face (literally)

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