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You know that book/movie “The Secret” that has been taking the world by storm…? Of course you do. They left out one extremely vital truth:

1) Aggregate Consciousness – The effect and power of a collective societies consciousness

There are only 2 basic impulses: LOVE and FEAR. In western society the aggregate consciousness leans heavily on the side of fear. Think news, wars, economy… Politics (Republicans are SCARED the Democrats will win and visa versa)… even Sales Advertising (You’re SCARED you’ll miss the deal)

This presentation is a much watch for the above information, and the progression that each one of these impulses inevitably follows. The falls under the study of Natural Law. (This is not me by the way)


This SECRET OF LIFE is so obvious it’s REDICULOUS that anyone doesn’t know it

I’m about to share with you a simple fact that will help you understand the motivations behind any person’s actions, especially your own. It is so stupidly obvious that it might seem like a joke, but it is a fundamental truth. I learned it from my experience in the marketing profession. It’s an important thing to remember when trying to sell anyone anything. The fact is:


Well of course people do what they want, you might be thinking. And that’s what I thought too when I started thinking about this. But it’s an important fact to remember when thinking about why you or someone else makes the the choices they do. Thinking about this deeply you’ll start to discover what kind of person you are.

I’ll try to give an example. When it comes to doing the dishes, the question is what do you want? For me, at first I JUST WANTED A CLEAN DISH TO EAT OFF OF! In my early years living alone the dishes would pile up in the sink. As long as I had a plate to eat off of I wasn’t concerned with them. Sometimes I would run out of plates and just wash one to use. My actions reflected the fact that I just wanted a clean plate to eat from.

My dish habits hardly got much better until I got married. My wife loves everything to be clean, so dishes stress her out. Soon my wants towards dishes were I WANT TO KEEP THEM CLEAN TO KEEP MY WIFE HAPPY. That worked a to an extent, but she was usually in a good mood so I would (subconsciously) go ehhh, I don’t need to do the dishes she’s already happy.

Now my wants towards dishes are I JUST WANT IT NOT TO BE A BIG DEAL TO CLEAN MY PLATES RIGHT AFTER I USE THEM. And it works much better that the previous two. I just wash them and don’t make a big deal out of it in my head. Very simple and painless.

I think that the more specific you make your wants, the better chance you have of them working for you. Figure out what you really want and then you wont need motivation to do it. I mean, who needs motivation to do what they want?

For marketing/sales purposes this phrase can be slightly adjusted. PEOPLE BUY WHAT THEY WANT. It doesn’t matter if your product it a smelly old shoe, if you convince people that they want it, they will want to buy it. It’s that simple. Now you just have to figure out how to make people want it.

For religion, this is also extremely applicable, and God knows it. People are religious because they WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN. Or perhaps more often THEY NEED TO STAY OUT OF HELL. You see, the only force more powerful in determining actions than the want, is the need. But there are very few things that people truly NEED. Avoiding eternal hell-fire? That’s personally on the top of my need-to-do list.

Be conscious of your wants and you will soon discover who you are…


DeBeers Marketing Campaign is out to HOMOGENIZE CULTURES with Diamonds!

Well ok, I’m not sure that destroying foreign cultures is really their main objective. THEY JUST WANT TO SELL DIAMONDS. That’s their goal. But in their narrow-sightedness they’re going to take away a chunk of diversity. I’m not sure why I feel this is a bad thing. Maybe it’s because it’s interesting to learn from each others’ cultures, and it’s difficult to do that if everyone’s culture is the same.

Anyways, I was watching the “Inside: De Beer ” show on Netflix, where they give you an inside glimpse into the company. And the CEO type guy working there was very strait forward. He talks about how they’re still trying to get the message accepted that engagement rings must be diamonds in countries like China and India. He said that it’s doing well in China, and looking hopeful for India as well. They have a marketing team on it of course and it’s all just business. But on this scale it could have ADVERSE CULTURAL EFFECTS.

Stan Lee once wrote “With great power comes great responsibility!” This is one such case. Companies that are culturally and globally influential need to keep an eye out for these things. Or we need to keep one out for them!