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The Dichotomy of the Brain and the Importance of Balance

Here’s a short post that foreshadows a much longer exposition on the topic.

Your mind has two side or hemispheres. Each side roughly corresponds to a different kind of thinking:

Left side – Analytical, logical, scientific thinking

Right side – Creative, emotional, moral thinking

The trick is to think with both sides in balance. When one side dominates your thinking process it leads to a certain kind of subtle madness that makes it easy for you to be manipulated by people who better understand the way the mind works.

Here’s a fascinating video that explains this much better than I have:

God bless!


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100 Followers! Wow! – Introducing 100 Mental Technologies!

So I told myself I’d do something special when and if I reached 100 followers! It seems like monumental number somehow. My love and gratitude goes out to all of you who have taken an interest in my thought, opinions, and ideas. It is absolutely INCREDIBLE to me that I can communicate and interact with you all on such a meaningful level without even meeting face to face. 🙂

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CHOOSE your thoughts. Don’t leave them all WILLY-NILLY.

Easier said than done right? Well, yea, but it’s not that tough, if you EARNESTLY want to do it. Here’s a strategy to help you deal with all of those thoughts that bring you down. And it’s REALLY SIMPLE.

Next time you start to feel anything negative, TAKE NOTICE! This is the first and most crucial step. AGAIN, all you have to do is next time you start to feel anything negative is BE AWARE of it as soon as possible. The next step can be anything, but it involves CHOOSING something. You can choose not to believe the thought you have because it very well MAY NOT BE TRUE (Satan’s LIES!). Or it may be true, but you choose to REACT DIFFERENTLY. Even if you choose at that point to succumb to your negative impulse, then at least you did that much: CHOOSE. Maybe one day you’ll choose differently, but if you’re not even AWARE of your feelings (which turn into thoughts), then you stand no chance.

As always, I encourage you to QUESTION EVERYTHING!

God bless.


The (not so obvious) SOLUTION to ALL of the world’s PROBLEMS!


I think the one main problem that people have in this world, from which every other problem stems, is that not enough people DEEPLY question themselves. Here is a scenario, and two possible lines of questioning. You must question until there are no more questions to get to the ROOT of a matter…

SCENARIO: Your friend betrayed you somehow and you want to get even by revealing a secret you swore to keep.

A self-questioning session might go like…


Q: Why do I want to reveal this secret?

A: In order to get even?

Q: Why is it important to get even?

A: Because justice is important?

Q: How will this achieve justice?

A: Because then she will be less likely to do this kind of thing again.

Q: Will it really make her less likely to do it again?

A: No, it will probably just make her angry and want to retaliate.

Q: So why do it?

A: Because it will make me feel better!

Q: And why would it make you feel better?

(This is when things get tricky; you’re probing into the speculative processes of the subconscious and it’s difficult to know if the answers you come up with are the REAL answers, or are you subconsciously trying to avoid the root of the problem.)

A: Hmmm… i don’t know… I guess I want her to feel the way she made me feel.

Q: And why is that?

A: Because then I wont feel wronged.

Q: What does that feel like?

A: It feels angry and painful.

Q: And you don’t want to feel that way?

A: No, of course not.

Q: And you think that getting even will put an end to those feelings?

A: Maybe. It will at least help.

Q: And what about her feelings?

A: I don’t care about her feelings.

Q: Then why do you want her to feel bad? If you really didn’t care about her feelings, then why would her feelings effect you mood?

(I think around here is where most people would get exhausted and throw in the towel. That’s EXACTLY what your subconscious mind wants you to do so that it can continue to exist as it always has, with the same old beliefs.)

A: Hmm… I guess I do care about her feelings… And that’s why I’m so hurt that she doesn’t really care about mine… And I don’t want to care about her feelings anymore… so I’m trying to prove that to myself by performing an action that demonstrates that I don’t care about her feelings…

(Now, you’ve gotten to the real root of the problem, from which other feelings and possible actions are stemming. At this point my Questioning side, becomes the Caring side [in actuality they were always one in the same])

C: Yea, that feels pretty bad, huh? And those conflicting feelings must be driving you nuts.

A: Yup…

C: But is revenge really the solution?

A: No, probably not… And it’ll make me feel like less good of a person.

C: So what shall you do instead?

(From here there could be a hundred solutions, while before in the blindness of anger there could be only one. You could use any sort of hobby or interests therapeutically, or to distract yourself. You could talk to her about the issue. You could decide not to be friends with her anymore, but not out of anger. The mind is free to do one of the things it does best… be creative!)


Many people just fall into the ways of thinking and behaving that they are expected to, or that everybody else does, and don’t question it very deeply. This is how oppressive self-perpetuating systems that are integral to any area that experiences sustained poverty. Most of the people there never question themselves deeply enough to decide if they accept or reject the things they were raised to believe. Their parents had a big family and so they will. But if they stopped to think deeply about it, they would likely come to the conclusion that it would be silly to try to raise many children in extreme poverty conditions. We as westerners like to ask WHY and wonder why they don’t do the same.

Now lets flip things around on us. Do westerners ever question our own beliefs. Actually, many of us do. That is one of the things about education, especially upper level education (college/university) where they actually treat you like an intelligent human being, by its very nature it FORCES YOU TO THINK. That’s why it’s so important. No offense but I guess what I’m trying to say is…

I think a lot of people don’t think deeply enough. And the biggest problem is that they think they do…


How BREATHING can help bridge the gap between the CONSCIOUS and SUBCONCIOUS: This is the MAIN SECRET TO MEDITATION!

If you’ve ever been interested in meditation then you’ve undoubtedly tried sitting quietly and focusing on your breath. You may have experienced the calm sensations of deep breathing and the quieting of your mind. THAT’S GREAT, but it’s not the main reason for doing this exercise! The real reason is that (if you do it right) it begins to allow your conscious mind to be aware of your unconscious mind. Here’s why:

Breathing is an action that can be both voluntary and involuntary. Unlike the beating of your heart, which you cannot consciously stop from beating (it is a fully involuntary action), you can in fact hold your breath, or make yourself breath more or less deeply etc. The significance of this is that breathing is an action that can be controlled by both you conscious (voluntary) and subconscious (involuntary) mind. So when you’re breathing and not thinking about it, it is your subconscious mind at work, but as soon as you turn your attention to your breathing, it comes under the control of your conscious mind.

Here’s the trick. When you turn your conscious attention to your breathing, you want to allow it to REMAIN UNDER YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND’S CONTROL. This is not easy to do at first, as you shall see if you haven’t already experienced it.

Once you’re able to observe your involuntary breathing, without taking voluntary control over it,  you will have developed the ability to observe your subconscious mind without influencing it. Observing the subconscious will teach you eye-opening things about yourself.

The bottom line is, THERE’S A HUGE PART OF YOU (your subconscious) THAT YOU HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING OF. You have no understanding and therefore no hope to influence, change, or control it, and it is DOMINATING YOUR LIFE. If your goal is to consciously decide what kind of life to live and person to be, then it is paramount that you become familiar with your subconscious mind.