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Let me tell you something about GOD…

God’s going to give you what you want, because He’s cool like that.

If you want to be with Him, then so shall it be.

If you don’t want to be with Him, also shall it be.

But let me tell you something about God,

and then not being with God.

God is all the good things and feelings in the world, without a trace of the negative.

Not being with God is to be cut off from any trace of that.

No hope. For hope is good.

So when you choose your ETERNITY you’ve got to choose.

God or no God?

Your Choice.

God Bless.



Here’s an Interesting Thought…

Change is a product of time.

Without time there can be no change.

Without time there is only eternity. Forever.

Life after death is transcendent of time.

Therefore, however you begin your life after death will be your Eternity.

The state of your soul when you die will become you, eternally, forever.

Try to be AWESOME in your life and when you die,

So that you’ll be AWESOME for all eternity.

(And by AWESOME I might righteous.)

God Bless.