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Newton and God… A Thought.

Newton’s third law states:

“For every action there is a reaction, equal to it and opposite in direction.”

If ALL OF CREATION is the reaction, then God must have created (or is!) the ACTION. If Newton law holds true in this case as well, then God must have produced a force/action that is EQUAL and OPPOSITE to all things in creation. Hmmm… What is OPPOSITE of ALL OF CREATION? … Non-existence? Or perhaps the realm of the unseen that is beyond the physical… I don’t know. Just a thought.




If someone is going to be prejudiced against you, WHO CARES what the reason is?

If someone doesn’t like my smile, is that any better than not liking the color of my skin!?

Who cares about ignorant and shallow people?

Even accepting the existence of the concept of racism actually JUSTIFIES and REINFORCES racism.

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Is what you KNOW true?? DON’T BE SO SURE!

It seems to be a fundamental aspect of the human condition that we like to THINK we know things. It gives us a feeling of comfort and assurance. But if history has proven anything, it is that we always have a LOT more to learn.

It seems that nowadays people think that we are nearing some sort of technological and cultural apex, at which point we’ll have a basic understanding of everything in the universe. I propose to you that this notion is PURE ARROGANCE.

People have always thought that they’ve known a lot, and then discovered in the next few hundred years that they didn’t really. Why should right now be any different? And not just that we’ll have MORE advanced technology, but we’ll understand things that will fundamentally change our conception of the world and reality. Things that will contradict things we KNOW (or rather, thought we knew!).

For instance, we also recently discovered an ancient stone building/monument called Gobekli Tepe dating to 10,000 BC, when all humans were supposed to be primitive cavemen. Our history book understanding claims the first civilizations began with the Indus Valley civilization (closely followed by the Mesopotamian) no older than 7000 BC. This temple, and the relatively advanced civilization that would have been required to create it, predates that by 3000 years. And if this temple survived, there must have been many others that didn’t. I mean, that’s a LONG time ago, and they couldn’t have been the only smart people in the world. This puts a major hole in our idea of how humans have gradually advanced. Apparently we have been SMART and ORGANIZED a lot longer than we had previous KNOWN.

Also in the field of QUANTUM PHYSICS and ASTRONOMY were constantly coming across strange and incomprehensible things.

What I’m basically saying is… Don’t be so sure of what you KNOW. Not just about science and history, but your life and the nature of the world and anything else. Many of these ideas you have WILL BE PROVEN WRONG, although we can’t know for sure which ones.

You’ll find that the smartest people in the world (Einstein and Socrates for example) will always be the first to admit that they know very little, if anything.

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” – Socrates

“A true genius admits that he/she knows nothing” – Albert Einstein

These were pretty smart dudes… They’re probably on to something.


Why create ART??

I think EVERYTHING you do is art.

Now this isn’t one of those cutesy little touchy-feely mottos. Allow me to explain…

I’ve always liked art, drawing mostly. I never understood why I did it though, so I never took it very seriously. THEN I STARTED TO QUESTION IT MORE DEEPLY

What I discovered is the only thing that all the arts have in common, be it visual arts, performance arts, martial arts, WHATEVER, is that someone has to be expressing themselves when it is done. None of these things can be DONE BY ROBOTS. Even if a robot did it, the real artist would be the person who programed the robot. So I discovered that art is about EXPRESSION.

Now think about anything you do? Isn’t it an EXPRESSION OF YOURSELF AS AN INDIVIDUAL? Don’t you wash the dishes in your own unique way? Don’t you walk with a certain stride that is not like other peoples? Doesn’t your tone of voice and mannerisms express a DIFFERENT truth than those of any other human being?? umm… DUH.

So then in my opinion everything you do is ART.

When you are conscious of creating art in all things, however, then you become an ARTIST OF YOUR LIFE. One great thing about art is that it is beautiful and appealing to people. Why not do the dishes, walk, talk and act in a way that is the most beautiful version of your own personal expression? The other great thing about art is that you learn more about yourself from analyzing it. Your subconscious truths are always affecting everything you do. When you record something on paper or in video or whatever, thereby creating art, you also create a permanent record of your inner being. By studying its details you can know more about yourself.

Why know more about yourself? Because the more you know, the more power you have to be the person that you truly want to be.


The (not so obvious) SOLUTION to ALL of the world’s PROBLEMS!


I think the one main problem that people have in this world, from which every other problem stems, is that not enough people DEEPLY question themselves. Here is a scenario, and two possible lines of questioning. You must question until there are no more questions to get to the ROOT of a matter…

SCENARIO: Your friend betrayed you somehow and you want to get even by revealing a secret you swore to keep.

A self-questioning session might go like…


Q: Why do I want to reveal this secret?

A: In order to get even?

Q: Why is it important to get even?

A: Because justice is important?

Q: How will this achieve justice?

A: Because then she will be less likely to do this kind of thing again.

Q: Will it really make her less likely to do it again?

A: No, it will probably just make her angry and want to retaliate.

Q: So why do it?

A: Because it will make me feel better!

Q: And why would it make you feel better?

(This is when things get tricky; you’re probing into the speculative processes of the subconscious and it’s difficult to know if the answers you come up with are the REAL answers, or are you subconsciously trying to avoid the root of the problem.)

A: Hmmm… i don’t know… I guess I want her to feel the way she made me feel.

Q: And why is that?

A: Because then I wont feel wronged.

Q: What does that feel like?

A: It feels angry and painful.

Q: And you don’t want to feel that way?

A: No, of course not.

Q: And you think that getting even will put an end to those feelings?

A: Maybe. It will at least help.

Q: And what about her feelings?

A: I don’t care about her feelings.

Q: Then why do you want her to feel bad? If you really didn’t care about her feelings, then why would her feelings effect you mood?

(I think around here is where most people would get exhausted and throw in the towel. That’s EXACTLY what your subconscious mind wants you to do so that it can continue to exist as it always has, with the same old beliefs.)

A: Hmm… I guess I do care about her feelings… And that’s why I’m so hurt that she doesn’t really care about mine… And I don’t want to care about her feelings anymore… so I’m trying to prove that to myself by performing an action that demonstrates that I don’t care about her feelings…

(Now, you’ve gotten to the real root of the problem, from which other feelings and possible actions are stemming. At this point my Questioning side, becomes the Caring side [in actuality they were always one in the same])

C: Yea, that feels pretty bad, huh? And those conflicting feelings must be driving you nuts.

A: Yup…

C: But is revenge really the solution?

A: No, probably not… And it’ll make me feel like less good of a person.

C: So what shall you do instead?

(From here there could be a hundred solutions, while before in the blindness of anger there could be only one. You could use any sort of hobby or interests therapeutically, or to distract yourself. You could talk to her about the issue. You could decide not to be friends with her anymore, but not out of anger. The mind is free to do one of the things it does best… be creative!)


Many people just fall into the ways of thinking and behaving that they are expected to, or that everybody else does, and don’t question it very deeply. This is how oppressive self-perpetuating systems that are integral to any area that experiences sustained poverty. Most of the people there never question themselves deeply enough to decide if they accept or reject the things they were raised to believe. Their parents had a big family and so they will. But if they stopped to think deeply about it, they would likely come to the conclusion that it would be silly to try to raise many children in extreme poverty conditions. We as westerners like to ask WHY and wonder why they don’t do the same.

Now lets flip things around on us. Do westerners ever question our own beliefs. Actually, many of us do. That is one of the things about education, especially upper level education (college/university) where they actually treat you like an intelligent human being, by its very nature it FORCES YOU TO THINK. That’s why it’s so important. No offense but I guess what I’m trying to say is…

I think a lot of people don’t think deeply enough. And the biggest problem is that they think they do…


DANGER people! – When LAZINESS becomes SLOTH!!

So most people would agree that being lazy isn’t good, but it’s not necessarily evil either. OR IS IT? How is laziness different from SLOTH, one of the seven deadly sins?? I believe that once laziness becomes a detriment to the WELL-BEING of yourself or other, then it is sloth. When poor upkeep of yourself or your environment, whether that be exercising, eating right, taking care of your kids or your finances, spending more time with your significant other… WHATEVER IT IS that you’re being lazy about, don’t be so bad about it that it comes back and BITES YOU IN THE ASS. Plain and simple.

It’s hard to be objective of yourself so listen to those who REALLY LOVE YOU. They probably see you more clearly than you do. And next time you’re feeling lazy, just tell yourself NOT TO BE SO DANGED LAZY.

And then don’t be.



This post is more of a question really, because I don’t think I have a good answer for this. Not coincidentally, this is my whole point.

The one reason I can imagine to be lazy would be a primitive drive to conserve energy. But in this day and age THERE’S REALLY NO REASON TO BE LAZY. There’s plenty of food around for us to eat, so we don’t need to sit placidly waiting for a migrating herd to come through our lands.

So WHY DO WE PREFER NOT DOING THINGS OVER DOING THINGS? Thinking logically I believe most people would conclude that NOT being lazy is far superior to wasting time (aka being lazy). Therefore, I don’t think there is a good reason to be lazy. (It’s probably another one of the devil’s lies!)

I am not exempt from the inclination towards laziness by any means, but realizing that there’s no point to laziness helps me to be a little less so. If you think about it long enough, you’ll find that LAZINESS IS ABSURD. Perhaps that understanding will inspire you to get off your derriere and do a little extra good in the world 🙂