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Satans 2 biggest LIES

By my reckoning, satan’s two biggest/most successful lies are:

1) That he does not exist.

(This is one that most people have heard before…)

2) That religions are the cause, not the solution, to the world’s problems.

Radical acts and violence carried out in the name of religions and God are not God’s will for people and this is clear to anyone with half a conscience. If God wants to kill people it is easy for him to do so, so what makes people think they have the authority to judge their brothers and sisters?

How can we help people who believe these dangerous lies to see the error in these beliefs…?



The Dichotomy of the Brain and the Importance of Balance

Here’s a short post that foreshadows a much longer exposition on the topic.

Your mind has two side or hemispheres. Each side roughly corresponds to a different kind of thinking:

Left side – Analytical, logical, scientific thinking

Right side – Creative, emotional, moral thinking

The trick is to think with both sides in balance. When one side dominates your thinking process it leads to a certain kind of subtle madness that makes it easy for you to be manipulated by people who better understand the way the mind works.

Here’s a fascinating video that explains this much better than I have:

God bless!


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How understanding religion can help you BE A BETTER PERSON :)

This is something I was talking to my wife about the other night. While she is a very loving and wonderful person, my wife has a bit of a TEMPER! Whenever we talk about it she usually defaults to the excuse that THAT’S JUST THE WAY I AM. But is it?

The scriptures of the Abrahamic religions teach us about an evil force that is at play, who has the sole intention of leading us away from God and causing us to suffer in this life and he next. This power behind this force is, of course, Satan. So how can this help you become a better person?

By realizing that IT’S NOT YOU! Those thoughts that lead you to evil are suggestions by the devil and his minions. LITERALLY. It might help to imagine these other-dimentional beings as invisible but hideous, wicked, and FILTHY creatures, buzzing around your head, WHISPERING into your ear and laughing when you commit sin or act in an un-Christ-like manner. And that’s just what’s happening!

It’s really FREAKY and SCARY, huh? GOOD! So stop listening to them! Pray and REBUKE the devils, God has given us the power through Christ to do this, so take advantage of that. The demons have NO POWER to resist the Holy Spirit. Try it and you will find out for yourself.

And next time you’re thinking “THAT’S JUST THE WAY I AM.” STOP! That is the definitely another one of the devils lies. (unless of course you’re talking about being completely Christ-like!)


JESUS IS LORD, what does that mean?

I’ve been thinking about Jesus (pbuh) a lot lately, and what he meant by a lot of things he said in the Gospels as well as things that have been said about him. “Jesus is Lord” is one of those things. It clearly has a great significance, but what does that really mean. As a Muslim I don’t believe that Jesus is God Himself, yet he clearly held a unique position that none of the other prophets (peace be upon them all) did. To name a few:

• Jesus was sinless.

• Jesus performed many miracles, including his resurrection, which is particularly unique.

• Jesus was tempted by Satan personally for 40 days. (After which it seems like he left him alone for good.)


I’m sure there are other reasons, but my point is he’s different. I’ve been watching these NEAR DEATH out of body experiences where people are brought to see HEAVEN or HELL or both. Most people, even a Muslim guy, mention that Jesus played a prominent role in this experience, but none mention Muhammad or Moses (pbut). (You can check out some of those videos HERE) Hmmm… Why is that?

Well, let’s get back to the question at hand to find out (my humble theory!)

First off, what is a LORD? Throughout European history there have been many lords. They served the king by presiding and taking care of an area of land. The land still belonged to the king technically, but the lord basically acted as the leader/caretaker of that region on the king’s behalf. It’s a VERY prestigious position, just below the king himself.

My theory is… GOD IS KING and JESUS IS LORD. This world and all its people belong to God, but God has appointed Jesus Christ to be the caretaker of this world. He is the king of kings on earth and has power over everyone but God Himself. But Jesus would never do anything that would be against the will of God anyways, because his way is perfectly aligned with God’s will and spirit (the Holy Spirit!). I believe this is why God sent the Holy Spirit to conceive Jesus in Mary, instead of saying the He himself came down and did it. There is a certain distance there, as well as when Jesus prays to God in John 20:17  among other places, where it is clear that Jesus still praises and prays to God, which would be redundant if he WAS God.

When I thought about it more something else popped into my mind that makes a lot of sense! (Although just because something makes sense doesn’t mean it’s the truth, and visa versa) Everything that God created seems to come in opposite pairs: light/dark, male/female, good/evil, left/right, love/hate, etc. Where I’m going with this is that JESUS and SATAN are this sort of OPPOSITES, representing Good and Evil, Truth and Lies, Life and Death, and the struggle that ensues between all these things.

The good news is that Jesus has God strictly on his side, and God holds all the cards. It almost makes me feel bad for Satan… I mean, everyone, including himself knows that him and all his followers are screwed for all eternity! :S

I posted a video that gave me a lot of insight into this matter below. It’s about… well, you’ll see.

God bless.



Today I’d simply just like to point out the INCREDIBLE POWER OF SUBTLETY.

All the most powerful people/entities use subtlety. The MEDIA/ADVERTISEMENTS use subtle messages to influence your decision making. The POLITICIANS do this too, and often they’ll create an obvious distraction on one issue while they attend subtly to another. The DEVIL does this by whispering subtle lies and distortions of the truth, but never so blatant that you realize how he’s changing your thought patterns. And of course GOD is the must subtle of all things, and yet He is the most powerful.

Why is there such great power in subtly?

Because you can’t oppose what you can’t identify.



Most people think they are their own selves. There is a major error in the assumption that your every thought defines who you are. Your brain is just your brain. While most people put the brain on some pedestal for organs, it is not any more vital than your heart, lungs, liver, kidney, intestines. Take away any of these organs and your dead, regardless of how smart you are or how important you think your brain is. I mean, OF COURSE THE BRAIN IS GOING TO THINK ITSELF IMPORTANT. If your heart or lungs could speak to you (like your brain basically can) they would probably often remind you of how important they are (as the brain does). So STOP THINKING THE BRAIN’S SO GREAT. If you really think about it it is the cause for all your problems, not the solution. I mean, when’s the last time a (basically) brainless insect complained of depression or felt sad about how all the other insects are treating him??

So back to my main point, your thought are NOT all yours. I think the reason that so many Godless people end up depressed or caught in these destructive mental patterns is because they don’t realize that there is another force shaping their thoughts. This force has a malicious goal, and is much more intelligent and determined than 99% of us out there. It whispers lies into your mind, and hopes that you believe them to be your own ideas. This force, of course, is Satan.

You guys might not know this, but each person has a devil that follows you around your whole life and tries to lead you astray from the path of God. This personal demon is an agent of the devil himself. The devils, including Satan, belong to an unseen race of beings that we call jinn (also djinn). Jinn can be good or evil. There are Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, etc. amongst them and there are evil Godless ones among them as well, just like us humans. In addition, they are mortal, like us, but much longer lived, and they will be judged on the Day of Judgement just as we will. The difference between humans and jinn is that jinn can see us, while we cannot see them (I think they live on what we would call a “higher dimension”). They are also believed to be more powerful and are the creatures behind possessions and black magic that we often refer to as DEMONS.

So the whole reason for me explaining all of this is for you God fearing people to know that these evil jinn were allowed to remain on this earth by God in order to test us. They have no direct power over any person unless you invite them to, and all they can do is whisper evil lies into your head in the hopes that you will act on them and it will ruin your life and lead you away from God. THESE LIES BEGIN SEEMINGLY HARMLESSLY, but slowly build upon each other and become more harmful until you spiral out of control.

Examples of these lies might be things like: “This person must think they’re better than me” or “I’ll never be as cool as these kids” or “There’s no way I can pass this math test” or “I bet she doesn’t even care at all.” THESE ARE LIES!The way you can easily recognize a lie is by the absolute quality of it. Words like “never” and “always” or thoughts that begin like “I know/am sure” or “There’s no way.” Only the Sith (evil) deal in absolutes. There is always a possibility for even the most impossible situations (we call them miracles). And most situations aren’t even that bad, or are even completely misjudged when clouded by these lies.

If left unchecked, soon these thoughts turn into: “This person is a heartless jerk who deserves something bad to happen to them” or “I’m a loser and my life is worthless” or “I’ll never learn math, so I must be an idiot” or “I hate her so much, she ruined my life!!”If you don’t recognize these thought then you must be a saint. If you do, don’t worry, EVERYBODY HAS THEM. And you’ll worry even less when you realize that they are not thoughts that sprang forth from the eternal soul that God blessed us with, but rather from the vile, filthy mouths of SATAN’S MINIONS.

So what to do? Well the very best thing you can do is pray. God gave us the power to banish these demons in his name, for they have no strength except that which is granted to them by God, creator of the universe and everything in it. Now I bet that little voice inside your head is saying “I don’t feel like praying,” or “Praying is such a drag” or “I should pray but I’ll do it later.” Here is your first chance to recognize one of Satan’s lies. If you think about it logically there is no reason not to pray and it takes barely any time or energy. In addition, the benefits of having your prayers answered are immeasurable. So why not do it? Whatever answer “you” come up with for this question is truly Satan’s whisper (unless he has already converted you to his cause in which case you’ve become a devil whispering evil into others’ ears! Oh yea I forgot to mention, HUMANS CAN BECOME SATAN’S MINIONS just like the Jinn).

SATAN IS YOUR OPEN ENEMY. Do not be one of the damned to keep him company in hell. Do not allow him to humiliate and use you on this earth, ruining your life and the lives of those around you. Appeal to God and find your strength.

My prayers and blessings go out to all of you.