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The Dichotomy of the Brain and the Importance of Balance

Here’s a short post that foreshadows a much longer exposition on the topic.

Your mind has two side or hemispheres. Each side roughly corresponds to a different kind of thinking:

Left side – Analytical, logical, scientific thinking

Right side – Creative, emotional, moral thinking

The trick is to think with both sides in balance. When one side dominates your thinking process it leads to a certain kind of subtle madness that makes it easy for you to be manipulated by people who better understand the way the mind works.

Here’s a fascinating video that explains this much better than I have:

God bless!


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Newton and God… A Thought.

Newton’s third law states:

“For every action there is a reaction, equal to it and opposite in direction.”

If ALL OF CREATION is the reaction, then God must have created (or is!) the ACTION. If Newton law holds true in this case as well, then God must have produced a force/action that is EQUAL and OPPOSITE to all things in creation. Hmmm… What is OPPOSITE of ALL OF CREATION? … Non-existence? Or perhaps the realm of the unseen that is beyond the physical… I don’t know. Just a thought.



There are a few really important proofs behind the concept of intelligent design, but first I think there needs to addressed what I believe to be A MAJOR MISCONCEPTION. The idea of evolution cannot be debated with. it is clear that over time NATURAL SELECTION CAUSES THE CHANGE, PROMINENCE AND DISAPPEARANCE OF CERTAIN GENETICS. Evolution is that regard is clear and reasonable. But evolution does NOT account for the creation of life. Evolution says nothings of how inorganic matter became alive, it only EXPLAINS THE PROCESS BY WHICH THIS LIFE GREW AND CHANGED. So it’s not like you have to believe exclusively in intelligent design or evolution, they’re both valid.

Basically, the theory of evolution just accepts the fact that life was created more or less by chance. Here is something I’ve heard before that illustrates just how RIDICULOUS such a notion is…

Imagine you’re WALKING THROUGH THE DESERT. All of a sudden, somewhere in the endless sea of sand you stub your toe upon something hard. Reaching down and picking it up, YOU FIND A CELLPHONE buried just beneath the surface. Not only that, but it’s a WORKING phone (maybe it’s solar powered, who knows)! Now, a cell phone is made of what? Plastic (which essentially comes from oil), various metals (which come from the earth), maybe glass (which comes from the sand). ll of these materials are naturally occurring in the desert. So does that mean that THE CELLPHONE JUST appeared by chance?! That all the components just happen to arrange themselves in a systematic fashion by luck and, EVEN MORE MIRACULOUSLY, came to life and began to function as a new entity?? Of course not. That doesn’t seem reasonable to me… Obviously someone smart put this thing together (and then lost it in the desert I guess, haha).

This is similar to the situation we have when considering if life was created by chance. But a single protein (the building block of life) is VASTLY MORE COMPLEX than any modern day cellphone. And that’s just ONE MOLECULE. So from a completely reasonable point of view life appearing at random seems like MADNESS! Does that mean it’s not true? Well, not necessarily, there’s a lot of miraculous unexplainable things in the world and they’re just that: UNEXPLAINABLE. We can find the answers to many of these quandaries in the Holy Books, but not definitive proof. I guess that’s why FAITH is so fundamental to any religion based on spiritual truths.

So did man evolve from an APE-LIKE ancestor? That is actually another point entirely I will touch upon in another post, but (SPOILER ALERT) it has something to do with bigfoot and it seems very unlikely.