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The Earth is a Spiritual Womb

I think that this life is like a womb for our souls…

Just as our mother’s womb kept us safe from the outside world until we were physically mature enough to live in it,

So does this life keep us safe from the spiritual world until our souls have matured.

Then what we call death, is really the birth of our spirits…


Language and the Cultural Conscience

I’ve found that, especially pertaining to spiritual matters, translations between language loose the very essence of their meaning. For example din in Arabic is often translated to as “faith” or “religion” when it fact it means something closer to “the way you live your life in accordance to your spiritual beliefs” and contains many underlying connotations and cultural understandings that cannot be understood by people who are not intimately familiar with the culture. You see each place and people has a CULTURAL CONSCIOUSNESS from which they naturally draw much of their understanding and experience of the world. The negative here is that it causes people to be very ETHNOCENTRIC. ~Jones

What is Spiritual Immaturity?

Lately I’ve been thinking and blogging about the difference between SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

Something I’ve noticed is that a one can mature physically, which encompasses mentally as well (as thoughts are created by the brain, a PHYSICAL organ), but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have any level of spiritual maturity.

So what is spiritual maturity? It’s VERY difficult to describe, and this ELUSIVENESS is intrinsically part of it’s nature. If you think about it you’ll realize that things to do with the spiritual are SUBTLE. God’s existence, for instance, is subtle. So is the soul, or else we’d have found a way to identify/measure it. Even spiritual wisdom is very subtle, and not easy to grasp like concrete knowledge (math, basic science, history, etc) is. It is not so black and white, right and wrong, and even when it seemingly is… it isn’t.

I think that the Tao Te Ching is a book primarily concerned with achieving the utmost in SPIRITUAL MATURITY. It stresses harmony with the nature of things, detachment (but not in the sense that you don’t care, you just don’t define yourself in terms of your relationship to things, people, and ideas), and knowing without thinking (the basis of psychic ability and spiritual wisdom).

I think that I’ll start going through the Tao Te Ching and my opinions and understanding of it in future posts. It’s a cryptic book, but contains great wisdom. It has benefited me greatly in my life, perhaps it shall do the same for you. I’ll leave you now with an excerpt from that text…

“The Sage is like Heaven and Earth
To him none are especially dear or is there anyone he disfavours
He gives and gives without condition offering his treasure to everyone
The universe is like a bellows
It stays empty yet is never exhausted
It gives out yet always brings forth more
Man is not like this
When he blows out air like a bellows he becomes exhausted
Man was not made to blow out air
He was made to sit quietly and find the truth within”


Temporal vs. Spiritual Wisdom

Here is something to consider. We each live within 2 realities, a physical one and a spiritual. The physical pertains to all that we can perceive through the physical senses (sight, hearing, touch/nerves, smell, and taste). The spiritual world is that which we cannot perceive through these senses, and is related to intuition, witchcraft, astral projection, etc.

Spiritual wisdom cannot be achieved by physical means, just as physical wisdom cannot be achieved by spiritual means. They are opposing logics (if you can call spiritual wisdom a type of logic) and are as yin and yang to each other.

For instance, it makes no sense to forgive someone who has murdered your child if he makes no show of repentance. Temporal (physical) logic tells us that a murderer deserves to be despised, and this is TRUE. Yet, spiritual wisdom advises to forgive unconditionally, for it is the righteous way. This directly opposes temporal wisdom, yet it is equally (if not more) TRUE.

This is the paradox of temporal vs. spiritual wisdom.

If you are searching for spiritual wisdom, a good place to start is to STOP THINKING with your brain. The brain is a physical organ and so is sympathetic to physical/temporal wisdom. Therefor it is impossible for the BRAIN to understand spiritual truths. They must be felt a deeper, more subtle, level.

Think from your spirit or heart (not the organ heart, but the spiritual heart) and you shall see what I mean. It won’t TELL you anything (as the brain does) but you will FEEL its inclination and intention.



I almost published this on Valentine’s day and then I thought… THAT’S KINDA DARK. But it’s all for the greater good. I shall explain…

We all have a dark side to us. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, as it exists as a product of our environment, yet it is OUR BURDEN to carry. Some people have it worse, for others it’s smaller things perhaps, but there are aspects to our personality that we are not comfortable with. This could be ANGER, FEAR, JEALOUSY, HATRED, SADNESS, or any other painful combination of complicated emotions and genetic predispositions. Perhaps your mother had a nasty temper and now so do you. It’s not your fault, these behaviors were basically brainwashed into you before your brain had physically developed to a point where you could even hope begin to consciously regulate your mind.

This DARK SIDE surfaces when it does, and it’s not pretty. For most of our lives we yell at our parents and siblings, maybe close friends, people that we know will never leave us. Then the DARK SIDE flares up at our significant others, and usually the DARK SIDE CONQUERS and the relation ends in tears. But then one day, YOU FIND YOUR SOULMATE and then you marry her/him. What that basically means is…


Well… supposedly, but nobody takes marriage seriously anymore and so it looses its SACRED POWER. But, IF YOUR HEART IS TRUE and you uphold the vows you make, then that means that you are bound together forever. Now here’s where the DARK SIDE comes in…

Now you have someone, who you can face the dark side with and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, for. It is your responsibility, as a married person, to COMBAT THE EVIL that lurks in your brains and that the devils’ whispers in your ears! It will be an arduous journey, and most wont dare to tread that road. But my advice to those that do would be:

Foster a powerful spirit by FINDING JOY in your CHALLENGES and GROWTH.



This post is more of a question really, because I don’t think I have a good answer for this. Not coincidentally, this is my whole point.

The one reason I can imagine to be lazy would be a primitive drive to conserve energy. But in this day and age THERE’S REALLY NO REASON TO BE LAZY. There’s plenty of food around for us to eat, so we don’t need to sit placidly waiting for a migrating herd to come through our lands.

So WHY DO WE PREFER NOT DOING THINGS OVER DOING THINGS? Thinking logically I believe most people would conclude that NOT being lazy is far superior to wasting time (aka being lazy). Therefore, I don’t think there is a good reason to be lazy. (It’s probably another one of the devil’s lies!)

I am not exempt from the inclination towards laziness by any means, but realizing that there’s no point to laziness helps me to be a little less so. If you think about it long enough, you’ll find that LAZINESS IS ABSURD. Perhaps that understanding will inspire you to get off your derriere and do a little extra good in the world 🙂