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Trying to know your own biases is like trying to lift the earth… The only way is to stand on your head.



The Earth is a Spiritual Womb

I think that this life is like a womb for our souls…

Just as our mother’s womb kept us safe from the outside world until we were physically mature enough to live in it,

So does this life keep us safe from the spiritual world until our souls have matured.

Then what we call death, is really the birth of our spirits…

I think people ought to be happy…

But they never will be if they keep chasing happiness like a tail.


The whole world suffers…

… For one man’s selfishness.


I challenge you to be thankful for…

Things you never really take the time to consider.

The ability to read and reason. Sight. Color. The ability to remember… To be unique. The forces that hold the universe together. The day and the night. The ability to communicate and create.

It is interesting that all that is physical, originated from the unseen. Thoughts. Forces. Feelings. Dreams. Energy. And of course…

Remember who to be thankful to…

All glory be to God!!

Happy Thanksgiving and God bless everyone!



Who are you?

It is often difficult to distinguish between who we are, and who we’ve learned to be.


You have always existed

Everything that has existed,
has existed as long as God has existed.

Because God has always known about it.


God is…

…the life of all of creation, the seen and the unseen.




If someone is going to be prejudiced against you, WHO CARES what the reason is?

If someone doesn’t like my smile, is that any better than not liking the color of my skin!?

Who cares about ignorant and shallow people?

Even accepting the existence of the concept of racism actually JUSTIFIES and REINFORCES racism.

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The Path of the Warrior…

… is Peace.